Yellow Nylon Pad

Product Code: Yellow Nylon Pad

Yellow Nylon Pad


Available for: N7210, N7220, N7230, N7240

  • To be used for the repair of threads in aluminium or other soft metals. Each Pad is clearly embossed with the Nes item number. 
    Nes Nylon Pads are produced from top 
  • quality polyamide resins which represent superior toughness, resilience and outstanding mechanical properties over a wide range of operating environments. The Pads are designed for multiple usages - 
  • depedent on the severity of the damage.

Note: Range dimensions for internal tools with Nylon Pads are as follows:

Cat.No. mm inch
07217 9 - 12 3/8-1/2
07227 14 - 18 9/16-11/16
07237 18 - 22 11/16-7/8
07247 22 - 33 7/8-15/16